[chuck-users] dbtopow(), dbtorms(), powtodb(), powtorms() off by 100 db (Robert Poor)

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Sun May 3 13:47:48 EDT 2009

Where I was raised (south pole of Mars, IIRC), absent any other  
reference, a "ratio" of 1:1 was always 0 db.

But I can adapt.  ChucK is like a box of chocolates -- you never know  
what you're going to get.

- Rob

> ----- "Perry R Cook" <prc at cs.princeton.edu> wrote:
>> dB just implies 20log_10.  A reference must be selected.
>> The most common are dBV (1 volt = 0dB), dBm (0dB = 1 milliwatt into
>> 600 ohms), and dBSPL (watts relative to threshold of hearing at 0dB).
>> I suspect that the implementers of this were thinking about
>> the approximate 96dB of 16 bit audio, and the +/-1.0 float
>> recommended max range of STK.  Thus a range of 0.00001=0dB
>> to 1.0=100dB resulted.  Easy to change to any reference by
>> just subtracting/adding/multiplying/dividing by a constant.
>> PRC
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