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Les Hall inventor-66 at comcast.net
Tue May 5 07:15:17 EDT 2009

Hi folks,

The theme for the seventh ChucK show is "from newbie to expert".  We 
will feature ChucK code written by newbies, intermediates, and experts. 
  The newbies have been sending me some really awesome code, and there 
is some intermediate code plus lots of expert mp3's from the wiki.  
Here is the outline of next week's show, so far:

remder-3c:  kijjaz's friend in Thailand, 3rd ChucK program ever!
RitualMusicfromBetelgeuse:  Slinky's second ChucK program!
telstar3:  telstarmagickistferarri, a member of our community
WindAntimon:  intended for the "winds of change show"
wmonk:  ChucKist of the week:
20 year old college student
programming since 10 years old, so 10 years of experience
inspired by the show, Linux user, set up ChucK in the chatroom
within 15 minutes had a program:  wmonk.mp3
Then shortly after that wmonk2.mp3
Fast Learner!!!

Guitar Lab Rock3:  me on ChucK Guitar Lab
stooges:  by Rob, 3 stooges do Zappa, lol

Electrindian:  Michael Hammond from 2005 for assignment 2 of PLOrk
HackChuck:  by Perry Cook for Ge Wang's PhD graduation
marco polo:  R. W. Enoch from 2005 for assignment 2 of PLOrk
otfc2005x:  Peerry Cook and Ge Wang, Performed on the fly to an audience
		sounds like a robot being born and then youth and then adulthood
Smooth Criminal:  Tribute to Michael Jackson by Perry Cook
WindChimes:  by kijjaz, mistakenly not played on winds of change show

This is fine, and will fill up the hour, but after this the outlook 
appears kind of light for material.  I'd like to know what the links 
are for PLOrk, SLOrk, and other ChucKian organizations where I can 
shamelessly rip code or mp3's from to keep the show interesting and 
novel.  There's a lot of ChucK activity out there and I want to tap 
into it, so could someone please link me up?


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