[chuck-users] WvIn on osx and linux

jo jj.metzger at googlemail.com
Wed May 6 08:49:40 EDT 2009

have been using WvIn for some while as a workaround to read a data  
file into chuck (this was suggested by someone in an earlier post), e.g.

WvIn w => blackhole;
"data.wav" => w.path;
float n;
  1::samp => now;
  w.last() => n;
  <<< n >>>;

This works fine on my mac. However, when I try to do this in linux, it  
fails, sort of. The first value is the same as on os x, but then they  
deviate, not completely, but significantly (more than 10%), so it  
can't be a simple rounding error. I'm relatively sure that the values  
on the mac are correct because I write the data to the wav file myself.
It's not obvious to me why the reading of any .wav file (using last())  
should produce different values on different operating systems, but  
they do on my computers!
Does anyone know what could be going on here?


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