[chuck-users] WvIn on osx and linux

jo jj.metzger at googlemail.com
Wed May 6 13:55:48 EDT 2009

So basically I would like to feed in floats (results from physics  
simulations, e.g. position of a particle at some point) which are  
stored in an array in chuck and then apply them to some parameter of a  
sound (e.g. pitch, gain). Using a wav file turned out to work well for  
me (writing the header and then the float data as 16bit integers in  
matlab and getting floats from -1. to 1. in chuck).
Actually, thinking about it now it would possibly be even easier to  
use OSC and send the data using python, but I'll also look at using  

Am 06.05.2009 um 16:11 schrieb Kassen:

> Jo;
>> that's exactly what's happening, it works fine if I force the  
>> sampling rate
>> to 44.1kHz!
> You might also want to have a look at using SndBuf and it's .valueAt(
> int index ) function.
> I'm not sure what kind of data you are using and for what purpose but
> I think that in many cases such a index will be more useful than
> playing back the file.
> Yours,
> Kas.
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