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I read your PDF and listened to the recordings. I also glanced over most of
the code (I'm sure I'm still missing things there). This looks very
promising to me; it's clear that the TOSC version is a big improvement and
it's good that the exact nature of the issue with the wireless network is
now clear. It strikes me that you are doing this research into syncing in a
especially challenging environment so that should mean the solutions you
find should work in a majority of cases.

I thought it quite inventive to emulate the things we are missing -at the
moment- in ChucK (time stamps for OSC bundles as use of networked clocks
through reading the system's clock) in ChucK itself; it's a nice reminder of
what we already have and how powerful it is.

If I can/should give some critique; I was momentarily confused as from your
PDF it looked like your "TOSC" version was based on "OSC with timestamps
added", which would be a slightly odd thing as OSC already has timestamps.
What we have here (unless I'm gravely mistaken) is instead ChucK's OSC
implementation plus time-stamps readable to your use of it here. This
ambiguity isn't very relevant for the topic of your research here but it is
quite relevant from a perspective of compatibility and pointing this out
might save confusion (I'm not sure what the intended audience of that text
is though, maybe this isn't relevant).

Overall these are some very promising results; it's looking like this will
be a great year for synced live performance.

Thanks for the update,
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