[chuck-users] Array out of bounds.... error usability

Tom Lieber lieber at princeton.edu
Thu May 7 21:31:33 EDT 2009

2009/5/7 Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com>:
> Let's have a look at this;
> ArrayOutOfBounds: in shred[id=2:tr8or.ck], PC=[3565], index=[4]
> Ok, so it's a array that gets defined in my main shred and it's one that's 4
> or less elements in size. That narrows it down considerably but we're not
> there yet. Now, I have the feeling that ChucK is trying to tell me something
> with the "PC=[3565]" but that bit is quite useless to me as I have no idea
> what it means.
> Questions; What does the PC bit mean? How is it useful? Can we consider ways
> of making it more useful?

I *think* it's "program counter," the number of the bytecode
instruction where the exception occurred. A line number would be
nicer, huh? :D

Tom Lieber

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