[chuck-users] other ways to live-code with time

Mark Cerqueira mcerquei at princeton.edu
Fri May 8 02:10:08 EDT 2009

Thanks for the encouraging feedback and sorry for the delayed response  
- far too much work to do these days!

I see what you're saying regarding the confusing wordage in that  
particular section of my report. Any future written work will  
certainly take care of the OSC time-stamp vs. TOSC time-tags for  
synchronization difference explicitly.

Thanks again Kas!


On May 6, 2009, at 9:22 PM, Kassen wrote:

> Mark,
> I read your PDF and listened to the recordings. I also glanced over  
> most of the code (I'm sure I'm still missing things there). This  
> looks very promising to me; it's clear that the TOSC version is a  
> big improvement and it's good that the exact nature of the issue  
> with the wireless network is now clear. It strikes me that you are  
> doing this research into syncing in a especially challenging  
> environment so that should mean the solutions you find should work  
> in a majority of cases.
> I thought it quite inventive to emulate the things we are missing - 
> at the moment- in ChucK (time stamps for OSC bundles as use of  
> networked clocks through reading the system's clock) in ChucK  
> itself; it's a nice reminder of what we already have and how  
> powerful it is.
> If I can/should give some critique; I was momentarily confused as  
> from your PDF it looked like your "TOSC" version was based on "OSC  
> with timestamps added", which would be a slightly odd thing as OSC  
> already has timestamps. What we have here (unless I'm gravely  
> mistaken) is instead ChucK's OSC implementation plus time-stamps  
> readable to your use of it here. This ambiguity isn't very relevant  
> for the topic of your research here but it is quite relevant from a  
> perspective of compatibility and pointing this out might save  
> confusion (I'm not sure what the intended audience of that text is  
> though, maybe this isn't relevant).
> Overall these are some very promising results; it's looking like  
> this will be a great year for synced live performance.
> Thanks for the update,
> Kas.
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