[chuck-users] spacenavigator

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Sat May 23 15:58:32 EDT 2009

On 23 May 2009, at 20:33, Daniel Trueman wrote:

> yes i had tried all that (openjoystick, openmouse, even  
> openkeyboard) using lots of deviceNumbers (>10) and it never *finds*  
> it at all. max finds it fine...

I have looked around, and from what I can see, one needs to make some  
new code for it. In Chuck's source file util_hid.cpp, for joysticks,  
the Mac OS X HID API variable kHIDUsage_GD_Joystick is used, which is  
mentioned in
which describes the general HID USB interface. Then netsearching for  
"spacenavigator hid usb type Mac OS X" led to
which says:
   The LED is an ordinary HID output. I am able to control it from Mac  
OS X using the OS-provided HID APIs.
   Look for an element of type 129, then set its value to 1.

So it seems that it is a regular USB device, but not one in those  
specific classes: some other programming with that API will do,  
though. Just my guess.


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