[chuck-users] chuck under gdb?

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Sun May 24 16:13:12 EDT 2009


Good guess, but that doesn't seem to be the problem here.

I found what tickled the bug and have worked around it, but I have no  
insights as the the cause:

* In the crashing version, I was loading up a bunch of SndBuf objects  
(doing sndbuf.read(...)) early in the startup phase.
* When I stopped pre-loading _all_ sndbufs, no crash.
* When I pre-loaded _any_one_ sndbuf, crash (but randomly once in a  
dozen times executing the fun void a() code, etc).
* When I moved the calls to sndbuf.read() to "load on demand just  
before using it", no crash.

I need to point out that the place where the ChucK VM crashed had  
*nothing* to do with SndBufs -- lexically and temporally, the "fun  
void a()" code was far removed from any SndBuf code.

The only thing that I can imagine is that ChucK has a thread internal  
to the VM which it uses for lazy reads, and it's somehow corrupting  
the stack.  (???)  Unfortunately, this is part of a large-ish real- 
time performance system.  If someone really wants to debug this,  
contact me and I'll do what I can to trim it down to a minimum failing  

- Rob

On 24 May 2009, at 05:37, Tom Lieber wrote:

> On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 1:32 AM, Robert Poor <rdpoor at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I've recompiled chuck with -g and it just gets stranger: with a  
>> construct
>> along the lines of:
>> fun void a() {
>>        <<< "in a before b" >>>;
>>        b();
>>        <<< "in a after b" >>>;
>> }
>> fun void b() {
>>        <<< "entering b" >>>;
>>        ...do some stuff...
>>        <<< "exiting b" >>>;
>> }
>> There are no yields() that would let another process run in-between  
>> the call
>> to b and returning to a, but it *sometimes* crashes after the  
>> return, so I
>> see the equivalent of:
>>        "in a before b"
>>        "entering in b"
>>        "exiting in b"
>>        [crash]
>> I'm seeing a "KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS" at a non-zero address, thrown  
>> from
>> inside Chuck_Instr_Reg_Push_Imm::execute()
>> I'm at a real loss how to tackle this one.  Its part of a large  
>> body of
>> code, so excerpting it down to a minimal example would be tough.   
>> Absent any
>> suggestions from the Chuck wizards out there, I'm tempted to simply  
>> re-write
>> my code in a different way and hope it makes a difference.  But  
>> that's not
>> my favorite approach.
>> Suggestions more than welcome.
> Well, the only non-bus-error of ways to crash ChucK I'm familiar with
> is to use variables before their definition in a way the compiler
> doesn't catch. Liiike:
> fun void a() { b(); }
> a();
> int v[1];
> fun void b() { <<< v[0] >>>; }
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