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Andrew Turley aturley at acm.org
Sun May 24 17:57:12 EDT 2009

This may be somewhat heretical to post here, but PD-extended has an
[hid] object that I've used in the past. If you go to the "help" for
the [hid] object, it opens a patch that lets you grab all sorts of
info about the connected devices. The controls aren't super intuitive,
but if you can figure out how to use it, it might be a good tool for
testing the spacenavigator.


On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 1:11 PM, Hans Aberg <haberg at math.su.se> wrote:
> On 24 May 2009, at 14:50, dan trueman wrote:
>>> One would want a way to list all available devices, and make a pick from
>>> them. (Like 'chuck --probe' but for HIDs and within the program.)
>> yes, this would be super useful...
> I just hacked up the before mentioned program so that it does that (on Mac
> OS X, external to Chuck) - at least it works for the devices I hooked up. It
> checks the seven categories of HIDs listed in the API: pointers, mice,
> joysticks, gamepads, keyboards, keypads and multiaxis controllers.
> Do you have the Xcode developers package installed? - I can then post the
> sources here, with instructions. All that is needed is a compile in
> Terminal.
>  Hans
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