[chuck-users] rtaudio buffer size problem

jo jj.metzger at googlemail.com
Mon May 25 11:40:10 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to connect a mic via a Tascam US-122L to my mac, which  
works fine in other programs, however I get the following error when I  
do    chuck --dac4 --in1 test.ck   (the Tascam is nicely recognized as  
dac4, and the test just consists of adc => dac)

[chuck]: (via rtaudio): unable to open specified device(s) with given  
stream parameters:
... RtApiCore: OS-X error setting the buffer size for device (TASCAM:  
[chuck]: cannot initialize audio device (try using --silent/-s)

I've tried all permutations of --dac, --in, --bufsize, --blocking etc.  
with no success.
With --silent there are no errors, but of course, some sound would be  
Curiously, when I do all of the above in miniAudicle, I never get any  
errors (but no sound either).

I'd be grateful for any hints!

p.s. this is the chuck --probe part

chuck]: ------( chuck -- dac4 )---------------
[chuck]: device name = "TASCAM: US-122L"
[chuck]: probe [success] ...
[chuck]: # output channels = 2
[chuck]: # input channels  = 2
[chuck]: # duplex Channels = 2
[chuck]: default device = NO
[chuck]: natively supported data formats:
[chuck]:    8-bit int
[chuck]:   16-bit int
[chuck]:   24-bit int
[chuck]:   32-bit int
[chuck]:   32-bit float
[chuck]:   64-bit float
[chuck]: supported sample rates:
[chuck]:   44100 Hz
[chuck]:   48000 Hz
[chuck]:   88200 Hz
[chuck]:   96000 Hz

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