[chuck-users] assignment (BUG?)

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun May 31 19:44:14 EDT 2009


> So sometimes you just have to ask "please" to get ChucK to do the right
> thing.

That's not quite the same. In your case here the "@" makes a difference
between connecting and assigning in UGens (which I take "noisemaker" to
refer to). that's quite different from the distinction between;

return my_instance;


return my_instance @ new My_type;

...or some such construction just to make a function parse. I think I saw
this happen fairly literally but I'd have to dig up the details.

I suspect that in many case this has to do with constructs like arrays not
always properly preserving the type in every context while a assignment here
and there puts the parser (and at times VM) "back on track".

I do believe this to be different but maybe I misunderstood your example.

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