[chuck-users] Compiling Chuck for Debian

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 19:17:10 EST 2009


I already have libasound2 v1.0.13-2 installed on my machine (although
> I don't know if it's really installed correctly and working). Do I
> need to install the 'dev' version of the library to use the ALSA
> version of Chuck?

Yes. libasound2 is what your system uses to play sounds over ALSA.
libasound2-dev is what you use to compile programs that will make use of
these ALSA drivers.

These are like two interlocking pieces of a puzzle, not like two

> Or is the version I have too old?
I would expect it to still work, as long as the versions of library and the
-dev versions line up. I'd simply try and see whether you get complaints.

Hope that helps,
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