[chuck-users] Urgent shot in the dark -- Audible clicks when spawning shreds when SndBuf reads from disk

Perry R Cook prc at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Nov 8 17:05:15 EST 2009

Definitely look into doing the block load option, 
because ChucK won't execute the next line (or 
compute audio) until the whole file is loaded 
into the SndBuf.

That being said, I've fixed this many a time by 
loading the files once and getting them into the 
cache.  You can make a dummy .ck file that just
loads all those files into SndBufs, then returns.
Run that first and then run your program.  Clicks
might go away.

But if they're too big, then this won't work because
there will be cache misses and you'll be back to disk


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