[chuck-users] Urgent shot in the dark -- Audible clicks when spawning shreds when SndBuf reads from disk

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 22:16:14 EST 2009


> Quick question: how is Activity Monitor being used to make this conclusion?

Oh, yes, that makes sense, not in the last place to avoid memory
fragmentation. I'd like to run some tests on this. Would it do to start
loading a large file with a low chunk size, then immediately try to read
from the end (which shouldn't yet be loaded)? When should these chunks be
loaded at all? Is this affected by advancing time only or perhaps when the
UGen graph has cycles to spare at the end of a block? maybe it's affected
but SndBuf's .pos() and .rate() (considering the last may be negative if
we'd like to play the file backwards)?

Right now this might be of a lot of use to me too so I'd like to spend some
time investigating whether there is a issue here and, if not, exactly how we
can make the most of this feature. What should prober behaviour be?

>   Not that, like, ChucK has never had a bug or anything... just want to
> make sure we're not chasing shadows.

 That sounds sensible, yes. Ok, then it's on to phase two of the "blame
ChucK, ask questions later" process. :-)

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