[chuck-users] fried audio

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Tue Nov 10 08:46:26 EST 2009

[Note: you did not cc the list.]

It fries my audio, too, only hearing the program but nothing else, but  
only as long as it runs, the other audio coming back when it is taken  

I think it may not be necessary to use lanchctl to when restarting  
coreaudiod, because it just restarts the latter if it stops.  
Restarting coreaudiod, going to sleep and back again, login out and  
in, restarting, and fiddling around with the headphone jack did not  
really help when the problem was present on my computer. One could  
sometimes get it back a few seconds, a minut or sometimes some tens of  
minutes, but not permanently.

But after doing the procedure I described, I haven't had any problems.  
So you might check if you followed it exactly, or check if you have  
some other components installed that may break the sound.

(I actually installed Perian again, rebooted, then marked it  
uninstalled in System Preferences, rebooted, then took it away from / 
Library/PreferencePanes/, rebooted before applying the Combo 10.5.8.)


On 10 Nov 2009, at 13:52, David Loberg Code wrote:

> No, sadly it did not work.
> Here is, for example, a one-liner by kijjaz that kills my audio  
> every time.
>> Step s => dac; float x, y; while(samp => now) { (((x * pi =>  
>> Math.cos) + y => y => Math.cos) + x => x) * y => s.next; }
> david
> David Loberg Code
> School of Music
> Western Michigan University
> Kalamazoo, MI 49008
> code at wmich.edu

On 10 Nov 2009, at 14:07, David Loberg Code wrote:

> I've also tried going into launchctl to stop & start the coreaudiod,  
> but that didn't work either.
> david

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