[chuck-users] ChucK meets eChucK

Les Hall inventor-66 at comcast.net
Sun Nov 22 20:43:37 EST 2009

ChucK and eChucK had a nice first date, though they did not hit it off 
right away.  First ChucK was mumbling because his output volume was too 
low so he did not excite eChucK's input circuitry.  Then things 
improved when ChucK invited eChucK to a livecoding session.  With 
eChucK's CV PWM circuit not listiening, ChucK tried different stimulus 
input pulse widths until eChucK responded favorably with some 
percussion sounds.

Then ChucK tried one of his favorite lines, "adc => dac;", and eChucK 
really lit up with renewed interest.  Apparently you can send voice 
into the stim input of the Karplus Strong circuit and get a vocoding 

At this point the date joke was getting old, so I invited some radio 
friends to tune in to my port and listen while I tweaked the circuit.  
As it stands right now I've somewhat lowered the noise with a carefully 
placed capacitor though it is still loud.  The stim input can be a 
10::ms pulse (bass drum) or a 10::ms noise burst (snare).  The CV input 
circuit requires redesign.  It's a problem because I'm trying to 
generate a DC level from an AC coupled output, which is a little bit 
tricky so I'm working on it.

Overall the date went well.  eChucK and ChucK had a good time and made 
beautiful if somewhat monotonous music together.  I think they like 
each other.


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