[chuck-users] Chout flush & manipulators

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 10:42:12 EST 2009


Yes, chout.flush() hangs for a while, and then reports bus error. "\n" seems
> to flush, but for the VT100 terminal 2D display I mentioned before I want to
> avoid unnecessary newlines.
Yeah, under the current conditions chout is a bit hard to work with. At
least we caught and pinpointed the issue quite quickly.

It would also be nice if we could try to get OS-independent coloured
printing. This would be useful when our program regularly prints
notifications but sometimes needs special attention that's not severe enough
to be cause for a me.exit() (for example when it doesn't find the expected
MIDI device, when running out of voices, when recording, etc).

Right now we can do coloured printing in various ways depending on the OS
(with Windows being the odd one out) as this needs system calls. It would be
nice if we could abstract the differences away for convenience and
compatibility. I feel that anything that depends on the OS of the user that
might be needed in normal ChucKage (if such a thing exists...) is a bad
thing. Even the Mac-only graphical interface elements lead to confusion in
new users on the forum. On top of that system calls are expensive.

I'm not at all sure how realistic this is as a wishlist item though.

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