[chuck-users] Chout flush & manipulators

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Tue Nov 24 12:00:12 EST 2009

On 24 Nov 2009, at 16:42, Kassen wrote:

>> Yes, chout.flush() hangs for a while, and then reports bus error.  
>> "\n" seems to flush, but for the VT100 terminal 2D display I  
>> mentioned before I want to avoid unnecessary newlines.

> Yeah, under the current conditions chout is a bit hard to work with.

As for the VT100 interface, I found that one can return strings. The  
syntax is
   chout <= VT100.pos(12, 3) <= VT100.fgbg(VT100.magenta,  
VT100.yellow) <= "Hello World!\n";
which will set the cursor at (x, y) = (12, 3), foreground color to  
magenta, and background color to yellow.

> At least we caught and pinpointed the issue quite quickly.

But it would be nice to get rid of the "\n". So flush() might come in  

> It would also be nice if we could try to get OS-independent coloured  
> printing. This would be useful when our program regularly prints  
> notifications but sometimes needs special attention that's not  
> severe enough to be cause for a me.exit() (for example when it  
> doesn't find the expected MIDI device, when running out of voices,  
> when recording, etc).
> Right now we can do coloured printing in various ways depending on  
> the OS (with Windows being the odd one out) as this needs system  
> calls. It would be nice if we could abstract the differences away  
> for convenience and compatibility. I feel that anything that depends  
> on the OS of the user that might be needed in normal ChucKage (if  
> such a thing exists...) is a bad thing. Even the Mac-only graphical  
> interface elements lead to confusion in new users on the forum. On  
> top of that system calls are expensive.

Since it is an emulation of a VT100 terminal, it will be OS  
independent - one needs a console that emulates it. The standard is  

But it is just a hack, not a replacement for more advanced solutions  
like miniAudicle.


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