[chuck-users] chuck neophyte trying to remove clicks via Envelope patch

Ryan Wieghard ryan.wieghard at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 20:02:48 EST 2009

Hello chucKsters,

I am trying to write a simple program that reassigns four sine oscillator's
pitch and volume at each iteration through a while(true) loop.
I decided i didn't want the clicks at the beginning of each note attack, so
I thought that I could remove them by just adding an envelope
to ramp up to the gain value for each event. After trying different values
for the Envelope time and rate, I can't seem to figure out
how to remove the clicks. I apologize as this is probably something obvious
that I am blind to in my myopic state. My intuition is
that if I increased the rate of the envelope the ramp up to 1 would be
smoother and then my speakers wouldn't click. However I am
unsure how to adjust the rate as I don't know what range it would be in.

Sorry for my n00bishness


SinOsc s1 => Envelope e=> dac;
SinOsc s2 => e => dac;
SinOsc s3 => e=> dac;
SinOsc s4 => e=> dac;


 while( true )
  .1 => float t =>e.time;

  //reassign gain

  Std.rand2f(0,1) => float g;
  g => s1.gain;
  g => s2.gain;
  g => s3.gain;
  g => s4.gain;

  //reassign pitch

  Std.mtof(instrumentSet1[Std.rand2(0,6)]) => s1.freq;
  Std.mtof(instrumentSet1[Std.rand2(0,6)]) => s2.freq;
  Std.mtof(instrumentSet1[Std.rand2(0,6)]) => s3.freq;
  Std.mtof(instrumentSet1[Std.rand2(0,6)]) => s4.freq;

  //Advance time by 1 samp
  1000::ms => now;

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