[chuck-users] Static bug

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Wed Nov 25 04:46:42 EST 2009

On 25 Nov 2009, at 09:05, Ge Wang wrote:

> This is indeed actually a bug, not a feature!  Static variables are  
> not initialized correctly (and currently need to be explicited  
> initialized outside the class definition).  We hope to address this  
> in the near future!

There two different concepts in play: the class body as code to be run  
when an element is initialized, and as a name space. The class static  
functions are in the latter category, and can call class static data,  
which then should be initialized before such use.

But one could combine the two by some syntax (though T do not know if  
it is useful). For example, writing
   class A {
     3 => int m;
     3 => static int n;
would indicate that m is in a static data segment and should be  
initialized when the class is loaded, whereas n is initialized when a  
class object is initialized. Then n will be initialized ever time a  
class object is initialized, but the idea is that this should be  
possible if initializing is something more complex, like opening files  
or creating other side effects (as Kassen suggested).

But perhaps one can just use a function for this n. That is, if all  
static objects are initialized, one can achieve special side effects  
using the construct:
   class A {
     3 => static int m;
     static int n;
     static int n_() { 3 => n; }
(though n here first gets initialized to 0).


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