[chuck-users] chuck neophyte trying to remove clicks via Envelope patch

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 09:31:47 EST 2009


You're just making swells, right?

I was assuming the Envelope was for click-removal and the rest of the tone
was desired to be of constant volume. I may well be misunderstanding the

> In that case, the only change should
> be that you need to provide ramp-down time of e.duration() => now.

Yes, while it may not be needed here this is a great trick. Any function
returning a dur may be chucked to now. This is great as it leads to compact
code, it's expressive, and there is only a single thing to change if we need
to speed the piece up or down. You can even take it further, this is
perfectly legal as well.

10::my_SinOsc.period() => now; //advances time by exactly 10 cycles.

> Also, make sure you scale the gain so that you keep the overall power
> of the signal below 1.0.

Yes, that too is a good trick and a good reason to keep track of the number
of UGens connected to the dac.

and then once you expand from 4 to 100 SinOscs you'll only have to
> change the one line of code.
This too is great advice that could stand repeating. As a rule of thumb I
tend to scan my code with my eyes half-closed; anything that looks
monotonous or repetitive when looking at it like that is cause for adding a
array (or more rarely a function). This keeps code-size down, cuts down on
editing time and errors.

All good notes on style.

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