[chuck-users] Newbie envelope glide confusion

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 19:49:24 EST 2009


Envelope e => blah;
> 2.0 => e.target;
> This has bitten me more than once.

Me too. Once I need shots.

>  I think
> a great default behavior for an envelope that
> has nothing chucked into it would be to yield
> its current value

I feel the same way but thought I would be the only one to want this. I did
suggest this to a friend who is contemplating designing a analogue envelope
module. The one good thing here is that I tend to call the Step "unity" (for
unity-gain) and I get to write;

true => unity.next;

...that has to be one of the friendliest looking lines of code ever.

> I'll try to remember to lobby to get this folded
> into a future version of ChucK.
+1 vote.

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