[chuck-users] new versions?

Ge Wang ge at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Oct 1 00:09:10 EDT 2009

Dear all,

> Fernando;
>       IMHO, of course.
> Seconded.
> Loudly so.
> Particularly as a shorter release cycle would clarify the state of more 
> delicate outstanding bugs like the type-system (particularly in 
> extending and as it relate to arrays) issues. It is -right now- not 
> clear how much more testing is needed there. Releasing early and often 
> may well lead to unstable releases but the current version is hardly 
> bug-free and the overall community -including the dev's- will be much 
> better at spotting those than the dev's alone. If push comes to shove we 
> might alternate releases of bug-fixes alone with releases featuring both 
> fixes and new features to accommodate those who need such a non-ChucKian 
> thing as stable releases.
> I truly do believe that having many bugs potentially leads to a close 
> community but it does so through the mountainous  terrain of 
> communication ;-).

Yes, totally!  We have gotten behind on the releases, but have been 
ramping back up.  I'd also love to get back onto shorter release cycles, 
with more rapid responses to bugs, with a longer trajectory of new 
features.  Currently, we hope to get the next release of ChucK and 
miniAudicle out, hopefully in the next few days.

Thanks again all for your input and enthusiasm!


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