[chuck-users] class abuse

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 02:50:19 EDT 2009

Ge Wang wrote:

> Yes, it would seem something is definitely amiss here - will look into this
> bug more deeply!  Thanks for the heads-up!

Another head-scratcher that I've run into on more than one occasion:
the order of class definition within a .ck file shouldn't matter, or
if it does matter, the error messages need work.

If in the file ArraySet.ck (link below), the order is

public class ArraySet extends Set
  public Iterator iterator()
    ArraySetIterator iterator;
    return iterator;

class ArraySetIterator extends Iterator

I receive this odd error message:

[ArraySet.ck]:line(84): function 'iterator at 0@Set' was defined with
return type 'Iterator' -- but returning type 'ArraySetIterator'
[ArraySet.ck]: ...in function 'iterator'

The compiler appears to know about the type ArraySetIterator but
doesn't know its type hierarchy.  If the classes are defined in the
opposite order

class ArraySetIterator extends Iterator { ... }
public class ArraySet extends Set { ... }

everything is ok.



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