[chuck-users] forward reference oddity

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Fri Oct 2 21:20:36 EDT 2009


You're just trying to goad me into writing that wiki entry on ChucK
>> references, aren't you?  :)
I would also like to thank you for this hint in the right direction and
making me look over the manual section again. I now see how "sprinkling @
signs" there and there is not "magic fairy dust" (though they did seem like
that at the time to Mike and me) but instead worked by creating additional
references which helped fight the buggy reference count.

It all looks quite understandable all of a sudden.

One thing that *still* bugs me is something I saw back then that looked
roughly like this;

class Foo
  //loads of stuff

fun Foo fooFighter( Foo @ input)

  return something;

The bit that still casts its tentacled shadows over my restless nights is
the "Foo @ input" thing. Why on earth would we ever do that? There must be a
valid reason to it because according to Mike that bit came from Spencer so
there must be a reason for it that I simply don't get.

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