[chuck-users] playing raw audio files

Renato Fabbri renato.fabbri at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 19:40:34 EDT 2009

i beg for a clue.
here is the thing i've playing with,  its a "python macro interpreter
-- rythmic chuck sample player":

svn co http://svn.assembla.com/svn/audioexperiments/ABeatDetector


And now i've been wishing to play some raw audio files (actually, i
want to read system files as raw audio).

I will write a python scritpt to open raw and write as .wav files for
chuck to open for i am not able to open this files as audio directly
in chuck.

any idea?

2009/10/2 Renato Fabbri <renato.fabbri at gmail.com>
> Hi List,
> I didnt figure out how to read/play raw audio files in chuck, and didn't find any doc either.
> say i want to read a mono "rawsound.raw" as 16bit samples and 8kHz sample rate (say playback sample rate is determined beforehand).
> Is there a way to read and play such a raw audioo data or should i need to convert to wav or similar?
> best,
> rf

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