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 - (fixed) type checker now validates if/while/for/until types
I'm not sure what this consists of, exactly. I thought it refered to the
bug(?) that relates to a lack of overloading in operators like "&&". To
quickly re-explain the situation;

//this is valid (duh)
if (true) <<<"yay">>>;
//so is this (relevant in detecting the start of the session or zero-length
if (now) <<<"yay">>>;
//so I feel this should be too, yet it isn't
if (now && true) <<<"yay">>>;

I'd argue that types like time and dur either have a truth-value or they
don't and if they do have a truth-value then the logic operators should be
overloaded to deal with them.

The quoted fix seems at least related to this phenomenon yet the reported
bug isn't fixed.

could we go over what this fix consists of then, because now I'm a bit in
the dark about what we do have here.

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