[chuck-users] instrument in function - good idea, or?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 10:35:18 EDT 2009

> So the moral of the story: if you terminate a shred via exit(), it does NOT
> get the benefit of a standard shred clean-up.
I'd like to briefly return to this.

We're all human with the doubts and insecurities that come with that and the
VM will come across at authoritative even while it's misbehaving.

It can be hard when you're not that experienced with ChucK (yet) to say "I'm
right and ChucK is wrong", I know I found that hard and would instead blame
the issue on me not understanding the syntax, then keep it to myself

I suspect a lot of found bugs go unreported because users blame themselves
instead of blaming the VM. In case of doubt; report. It may be a bug (which
can go on The List), it might be a issue with the docs (in which case it
needs documentation) or you may misunderstand something (in which case you
get to learn).

Just wanted to point that out; the VM is wrong quite often.

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