[chuck-users] Wrapping ChucK

Joe McMahon mcmahon at ibiblio.org
Sat Oct 17 14:09:06 EDT 2009

On Oct 15, 2009, at 9:07 PM, Andrew C. Smith wrote:

> Has anyone tried to wrap ChucK into a standalone program? I'm thinking
> (at the very least) it could just be made to run simultaneously and
> communication could be made over OSC, but it would be cool to have the
> whole thing communicate through 8888, the port that the console
> communicates on. Basically, the mini is an effective wrapper, right?
> I'm just wondering if anyone has created anything simpler, like even
> just a program that outputs ChucK sounds when you click buttons or
> something. It would be really cool for games (or toys, not really
> games) that let users play around with sounds using an integrated
> graphical interface. Anyone try it?

I've done an Applescript program that computes a Long Now chime and  
then plays it using ChucK. The interactivity is limited to setting the  
date and then running ChucK as a shell command. Is that the kind of  
thing you meant?

  --- Joe M.

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