[chuck-users] Wrapping ChucK

Andrew C. Smith acsmith at willamette.edu
Sat Oct 17 15:16:42 EDT 2009

Oh, that's a good thought too. That's sort of what I proposed for
Scott, since he talked about an application.

What I was thinking, though, would be more like a stand-alone
synthesizer. So, (as an example--not what I'm working on) you could
make a drum machine with controllable effects. ChucK would be the DSP
engine for it, and it would make heavy use of public classes (and
static functions within them) to act as buses for the effect

Bonus points if you encapsulate the entire thing into a script, so
that you run a script and it detects the next bus number--it both
writes and chucks the file containing:

public class BusX (where X = the next available bus number)
... get/set static functions ...

You wouldn't need to differentiate between control and audio buses, as
you can set sampling rates on your own. Audicle might actually be a
relevant program to look into, partly because it's contained entirely
in OpenGL. The issue (for me) is that all of that stuff was made in
2004-2006 and never updated, so there are loads of deprecated methods
and frameworks or libraries that just aren't really used. For example,
the mini uses RBSplitView which hasn't been updated since 10.3.9, and
the "Palette" refers to something from (I think?) a much earlier
version of Interface Builder. Someone correct me if you can open the
.nib files with Xcode 3.2, though. I'll update whenever I get a
running version of a ChucK DSP engine. Maybe it could be a tutorial.


On Sat, Oct 17, 2009 at 2:09 PM, Joe McMahon <mcmahon at ibiblio.org> wrote:
> On Oct 15, 2009, at 9:07 PM, Andrew C. Smith wrote:
>> Has anyone tried to wrap ChucK into a standalone program? I'm thinking
>> (at the very least) it could just be made to run simultaneously and
>> communication could be made over OSC, but it would be cool to have the
>> whole thing communicate through 8888, the port that the console
>> communicates on. Basically, the mini is an effective wrapper, right?
>> I'm just wondering if anyone has created anything simpler, like even
>> just a program that outputs ChucK sounds when you click buttons or
>> something. It would be really cool for games (or toys, not really
>> games) that let users play around with sounds using an integrated
>> graphical interface. Anyone try it?
> I've done an Applescript program that computes a Long Now chime and then
> plays it using ChucK. The interactivity is limited to setting the date and
> then running ChucK as a shell command. Is that the kind of thing you meant?
>  --- Joe M.
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