[chuck-users] chout and cherr confuse me [BUG?]

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 15:50:24 EDT 2009


> I'm not saying there's nothing special going on with chout and cherr,
> but that the behavior you're describing is to be expected in general.
So you are saying it's reasonable for a print command to be stuck in a cue
until the file is ran again, potentially a hour or so later?  That doesn't
seem very reasonable to me. Messages that use different channels might
arrive out of order, I can accept that, but this is quite different (and the
order I get them in seems constant, just wrong). I would like the messages I
am printing to arrive at the screen while the file is running, not next time
the program is run, in-between other messages, and I have a hard time seeing
why I shouldn't expect that.

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