[chuck-users] chout and cherr confuse me [BUG?]

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 05:48:46 EDT 2009


> It just so happens that to enable the Console Monitor, miniAudicle has to
> redirect stderr and stdout to a pipe.
As they shout at all of the most exciting parties; BINGO! :-)

> Kassen, thanks for reporting this and sticking to your guns!
> Thanks for looking into this!

* By the way, miniAudicle's active source repository has moved to SVN,
> hosted by Google Code.
Ah, so you are back to more active development? That would be great. If so
could you look into the long standing issue of new buffers or old ones that
we just switched to not getting automatic keyboard focus and ctrl+tab not
cycling through them on Linux? These very minor points are a big usability
issues for the mini in Linux-based livecoding. These days I have a second
laptop running Linux exclusively so I tend to do more casual Linux-based
livecoding and run into this more often.

Thanks again for your care,
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