[chuck-users] same function name, differing signatures

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 00:03:25 EDT 2009

ChucK complains at the following:
// ==========
public class FooPie {
     fun void bark() { <<< "woof" >>>; }
     fun int bark(int value) { return value * 2; }
// ==========
saying "[foo_pie.ck]:line(3): function 'FooPie.bark' matches  
'FooPie.bark' but cannot overload..."

This seems odd to me.  bark(void) and bark(int) are two different  
functions -- aren't they? -- so why should ChucK require them to have  
the same return type?  (Perhaps I'm just pining for Objective C, where  
the internal function names would be FooPie.bark:void and  
FooPie.bark:int which are clearly different functions.)

Unless Ge thinks this is a bug, I'm really only looking for an  
explanation as to whether or not foo(void) and foo(int) are the same  
function or not.  Or at least how to think about functions with the  
same name with different argument signatures.

- Rob

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