[chuck-users] Question about unit analyzers

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 12:55:39 EDT 2009


Xandros is Debian-based, right? In that case I could answer questions
if you get stuck. Did you compile something before? It's not as hard
as it sounds; all of the stuff you need is available using Synaptic.
Once you've got all of that stuff all ChucK compiles after that will
be trivially easy because from there on the package manager will make
sure everything you need is kept up to date.

I strongly suggest you try this as the updates since the version that
you have are quite relevant. The newer versions are MUCH more stable
and there are fun new features.

I could also email you the (ALSA version) binary I build on Ubuntu
(also Debian-based, of course) but I make no guarantees at all that
that will work as you might be using different versions of libraries
from me or xandros might keep them in different spots.

Maybe I should write "How to compile ChucK on Debian Linux for people
who mistakenly believe this is a scary thing". I think I'll do that
next time I do a fresh install so I'm sure I don't miss a step.


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