[chuck-users] Question about unit analyzers

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 16:27:59 EDT 2009


>   Perhaps it would
> be better to do all apt-get stuff from the command line, actually.

Yes, why not?
If we are going to go that way we might as well make a "install file"
that would apt-get the whole list of stuff that's missing from Ubuntu,
call "make", "make install" and for all I care "chuck otf_01.ck
otf_02.ck....." :-). That would sort most of these cases out quite

I just shared some emails with David, BTW. I send him my ASLA binary
but it turns out David's soundcard needs OSS for some reason. I then
thought I'd try rolling a OSS build for him but strangely my default
repositories don't offer anything like "libOSS-dev" or some name along
those lines. I don't think I ever build a OSS version and now I have
to admit I'm not even sure what library I'd need. Do you have any idea
what's up there? Maybe Xandros is configured for more modest devices
like netbooks and defaults to OSS to keep CPU usage down?

Another issue is that the last version packaged by mainstream distro's
was Back then I think we had a hard time getting in there
because ChucK wasn't deemed very stable. These days I think a lot has
changed. How hard would it be to simply get ChucK into -say- the
Debian and Fedora package management systems?


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