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Bozelos Dimitris dbozelos at yahoo.gr
Tue Sep 1 20:08:16 EDT 2009

Hi Hans,

at last I don't thing the reason (or at least the main reason) I was getting the xruns was the <<< ... >>> printing on the terminal. I tried removing them from the code but didn't help much, what helped most was increasing the buffer size at jack. So it is probably my soundcard that is not really good.

Thanks for the help anyway.


--- Στις Παρ., 14/08/09, ο/η Hans Aberg <haberg at math.su.se> έγραψε:

On 14 Aug 2009, at 18:02, Bozelos Dimitris wrote:

> It will be a pain in the ass to remove all the <<< ... >>> I have in my code but I guess I have to... Yes, I'll report back if I see any difference.

It is not so slow if you have an editor that can handle regexp (regular expression) search-and-replace. Enable it, and search for something like:

You might also try redirecting the output. Try
  chuck ... > chuck.out
And then in another window
  tail -f chuck.out
This writes the output to a file name 'chuck.out', which may have less buffering problems than a console. Then the 'tail' statement creates another process that reads the output as it is written to this file, so it cannot affect the 'chuck' process.

Alternatively, if you do not need the output, you might use
  chuck ... > /dev/null

It would be interesting to know if some of these two last options help.


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