[chuck-users] Are array types really classes ?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 11:54:00 EDT 2009


 How might norm() be defined?
>  The definition I'm familiar with normalizes all the float values in
> the array to the range [0.0 - 1.0] based on the minimum and maximum
> float values.
> What I'm familiar with is that we would have a vector, say a 3 component
one representing a line-segment in 3d space. Normalising would mean
multiplying all components by the same number so that it would represent a
line segment of length "one", in the same direction of the original vector
that might have a arbitrary length. This will make the vector indicate a
direction in a way that has lots of uses, for example in quaternions for 3d

Your definition might make sense as well, for example in setting EQ bands or
mixer channels or some such application.

I'm not sure what solution is needed here or why but if you want to you can,
which is the important bit.

> Or use FloatArrayList, which has already been written.  :)
Of course! :-)

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