[chuck-users] Good Moog, bad error (bug)

Bozelos Dimitris dbozelos at yahoo.gr
Fri Sep 4 21:34:13 EDT 2009

Hi Kas.

same for the clarinet instrument, haven't tested the other physical
models. It would be also useful if it would report at which parameter
the error occured, like it does with the clarinet.freq - strangely only
with this one.


--- Στις Παρ., 04/09/09, ο/η Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com> έγραψε:

Dear list,

Right now I'm having lots of fun with the Moog UGen, but when we mistakenly give it parameters out of range then the resulting error message is incorrect and potentially confusing;


Moog bob;
1.1 => bob.filterQ;

this will give us;
[chuck](via STK): Moog: Control value greater than 128.0!


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