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kurt sobrilliant at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 11:34:23 EDT 2009

Hello all-First of all, I love ChucK shell!!!
But I wondered if there are any plans for ChucK shell improvements in the
works?  It would be nice to have some normal shell type stuff...
Tab-completion, command line history (it would be sweet to 'up-arrow', then
'enter key' to keep adding the same shred), the ability to change
directories (or at least the ../../ syntax would be nice, cause, as it
stands, one has to use absolute path names for files not in the working
directory), and to move the cursor with the arrow keys to edit commands.
 Also it might be cool if when querying active shreds (the '^' command)  it
would be cool if the child shreds were indented a level from the parent
shreds.  It would be nice if you could add and remove shreds by name (eg.
all shreds named "foo.ck" could be removed by some command like '-! foo", i
dunno?).  I feel kinda lame asking about this stuff, but I figured if some
awesome ChucK dev out there was thinking about spiffying up the shell for
the next ChucK release they might be stoked to know someone out there was
exited about potential improvements.
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