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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 13:24:34 EDT 2009

Hey, Kurt.

I think the shell has been close to abandoned, which is a shame as
there were some really good ideas planned for it. Right now the shell
offers little over a plain commandline; you can enter code but if you
make a single typo (and who doesn't?) you need to start all over again
as there is no buffer for commands. There were plans for a way to
navigate the scope of running code from the shell (to update it) but
those never materialised. I'm still a bit sad about that as those
plans were amongst the most exciting plans for ChucK ever, IMHO.

I think the Mini mostly replaced it; it does all that the shell does
and more though of course it does need to be used with a Gui; that
might be a downside to some.

Personally I tried to use the shell for a while but I found it a bit
clumsy so I'm curious why and how you use it.


2009/9/9 kurt <sobrilliant at gmail.com>:
> Hello all-
> First of all, I love ChucK shell!!!
> But I wondered if there are any plans for ChucK shell improvements in the
> works?  It would be nice to have some normal shell type stuff...
> Tab-completion, command line history (it would be sweet to 'up-arrow', then
> 'enter key' to keep adding the same shred), the ability to change
> directories (or at least the ../../ syntax would be nice, cause, as it
> stands, one has to use absolute path names for files not in the working
> directory), and to move the cursor with the arrow keys to edit commands.
>  Also it might be cool if when querying active shreds (the '^' command)  it
> would be cool if the child shreds were indented a level from the parent
> shreds.  It would be nice if you could add and remove shreds by name (eg.
> all shreds named "foo.ck" could be removed by some command like '-! foo", i
> dunno?).  I feel kinda lame asking about this stuff, but I figured if some
> awesome ChucK dev out there was thinking about spiffying up the shell for
> the next ChucK release they might be stoked to know someone out there was
> exited about potential improvements.
> thanks.
> K.
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