[chuck-users] chuck shell...

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 14:24:54 EDT 2009


> Um, I didn't actually expect it to be quite that easy. I just copied
> the CVS v2 source into the miniAudicle directory and
> recompiled, then ran the "write.ck" example and it worked.

Yeah, i was happy when I first did this. as far as I have been able to
find it's as stable as anything ChucK related is ever going to be. CVS
may of course have additional bugs. It shines on Spencer that it's so
modular and clean in design that this simply works. Long live Open
Source and modular design!

> Now, let me
> ask, why isn't there a version of the mini with available for
> download?

I suggested that; it would just be a simple compile for the commercial
OS's and a quick edit for Linux. Anyone could do it in half a hour or
so. So far there have been no responses to that.

> Or, at least on the wiki or something. This is great, like
> Christmas when something like this works.

It is, or a birthday.

BTW, try highlighting some text in the mini and hitting ctrl+D, I
don't think that's documented but it's cool.


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