[chuck-users] chuck shell...

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 16:47:41 EDT 2009


> Right, I decided that looking up the Moog's sweep rate was optional
> and just skipped straight to the next drink.

This is in fact not true. Moog is the easiest way towards acid in
ChucK, for that you need the sweep rate and it's humanly impossible to
remember the name of the function. I researched this myself.

> Anyway, being on OSX, I just compiled it without any external
> libraries and (after you mentioned the widgets) made sure to test the
> MAUI, and the gauge and everything works just fine. This inspires me
> to try (and fail) building my own ugen.

It would make sense that xcode would include such a thing, yes.
Stephen Sinclair worked on a framework for -more- conveniently adding
Ugens to ChucK, you may want to search the list archives for that. The
last version was based on porting using "faust" so that would be a
good word to search on.


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