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kurt sobrilliant at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 14:29:34 EDT 2009

> What exactly is the issue with the shell vs. the mini?
For the most part it comes down to not having to use the mouse.  I can edit
in Vim and use ChucK shell and play for hours without touching the mouse.  I
am also used to vim commands and can edit much faster with them which makes
a Huge difference in live coding.

I also just fired up the Mini and noticed that shell in the Mini (I was
using the command line 'chuck --shell') crashes the Mini when I try to add a
shred. :(
Oh well.  I'm just going to stick with the command line version and hope
someone realizes that the shell is where it is at.  If the capability to
really live code in the shell (navigating namespaces and stuff beyond just
adding/removing shreds etc.) grew, it would be incredible (fingers crossed).
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