[chuck-users] "make" not compiling -- Snow Leopard

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 11:18:39 EDT 2009

> Don't really know who to turn to here, so I'm coming to you. I used to
> be able to very easily compile ChucK (plus the mini in a recent post)
> but "make" doesn't seem to be working for me now that I've got Snow
> Leopard. Would the new OS override or delete some previous compiler?

I don't know this for sure, actually I know very little about Mac's,
but I seem to remember xcode is based on GCC. The latest versions of
GCC became more strict about syntax, which is already affecting our
friends on Fedora and will likely soon get through to Debian/Ubuntu as

If Apple is going to update xcode a sensible moment would be to do it
while releasing the latest version of their OS.

That's my gut feeling, it might be way off. If that would be it a flag
in the makefile might fix it, see;

Also; writing "it won't compile", while interesting, should probably
be appended by a log or list of errors or symptoms. Now we have to
guess; the above is a educated guess, but it's still just a guess. If
that's it then we're good as that means it's a known issue, there
would be a workaround and most likely the Devs should be able to fix


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