[chuck-users] "make" not compiling -- Snow Leopard

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 11:42:03 EDT 2009

2009/9/11 Andrew C. Smith <acsmith at willamette.edu>:
> Oh, okay, I get:
> ~bash: make: command not found
> and that's it. I'll see if maybe there's a gcc update, or if maybe it
> got deleted or something when I upgraded? The thing is, I set it up
> initially so long ago that I don't remember if I had to download some
> special compiling thing to make it make. (ha!)

Wait, make disappeared altogether? Whoops, yes, that would be a
different sort of issue. make should certainly come with the "special
compiling thing". Did the disks of snow-leopard come with the xcode
suite? I'd probably simply try re-installing the thing, that should
bring make back, I'd say? I have no idea why or how it would be
getting lost in the first place, OS upgrades shouldn't touch stuff
like that, I feel.

Oh, and i also wouldn't take advice about OSX from me :-).

> Thanks for the pointer toward gcc/xcode upgrades.

You might still run into that later on... :-)


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