[chuck-users] ChucK compilation error (still, again?) -- similar to the Ubuntu GCC 4.3 problem

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Sun Sep 13 17:56:45 EDT 2009

Those are already there:
   $ grep -r "arch" *
   src/makefile.osx-ub:FLAGS=-D__MACOSX_CORE__ -D__MACOSX_UB__ -c - 
arch ppc -arch i386 \
   src/makefile.osx-ub:	-arch ppc -arch i386 -isysroot /Developer/SDKs/ 

However, this page says one has to add the 64-bit flags if one wants  
to compile for that:

If you want to migrate to 64-bit, here is more info:


On 13 Sep 2009, at 23:27, Andrew C. Smith wrote:

> Well, long battle, but I feel like it's been worth it. I got chuck to
> compile using this method on Snow Leopard:
> 1. Add -arch i386 to the line "FLAGS=-D__MACOSX_CORE__ -c" (so that it
> shows up in every call of the file, whether it's gcc or g++)
> 2. Add -arch i386 to the initial call of chuck:
> chuck: $(OBJS)
> 	$(CXX_LINK) -arch i386 -o chuck $(OBJS) $(LIBS)
> I made sure that the new one was working by doing the chmod 755 and
> chucking a file with a ugen I added (from the wiki tutorial).
> Hopefully, if I make one UGen this will all be worthwhile.
> Andrew

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