[chuck-users] ChucK compilation error (still, again?) -- similar to the Ubuntu GCC 4.3 problem

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Sun Sep 13 18:52:59 EDT 2009

Possibly, if you compile it without flag, it might generate code for  
you platform only, which is 64-bit. So you must set them.

I looked back and saw that you wanted to do an Xcode project. If there  
is nothing special demanded from the 'make' file, just make a new  
project and drop the project files and required frameworks (listed the  
gcc -framework option) into it. One can use a 'make' file, too, but I  
haven't tried it. If you want to do interactive debugging, this is the  
way to go.


On 14 Sep 2009, at 00:37, Andrew C. Smith wrote:

> Oh, right. I just did osx, not osx-ub, so I had to add those -arch
> i386 tags myself.
> It sounds like if I (or we) wanted to migrate ChucK to 64-bit systems,
> then it would take some use of the -Wconversion tag and then fixing
> every error that the tag finds (in terms of float truncation). But
> since I don't really know the technical details, and can't even really
> call myself a programmers, I'm just going to go with this
> hacked-together 32-bit fix.  Thanks for the pointers (ha!) though.
> Andrew

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