[chuck-users] Static data problem (arrays, floats)

Andrew C. Smith acsmith at willamette.edu
Tue Sep 15 10:22:45 EDT 2009

> Well, now you had to wait for a answer for me to get round to "morning
> coffee", that's one side.

Yes, but on the plus side, I got to sleep, which I somehow can only do
when I hit an intractable problem.

The object thing makes much more sense now. I tell all my friends to
join the chuck list, and I think they did but I've never seen one ask
a question. I think they were angry about overloading the => operator
or something. Who knows why. Anyway, I'll ask something again around 1
a.m. tonight probably, so get ready.  Thanks again,


2009/9/15 Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com>:
> Andrew,
>> Thanks, that works perfectly. How does setting the length at
>> initialization make logical sense? I mean that in a curious, not a
>> critical way. I'm just not sure what the nature of the issue is,
>> because it seems like declaring a single primitive is the same as
>> declaring 128 of them, right? (clearly wrong).
> Yes, in the case of primitives. However arrays are objects and i think it's
> the object that needs to be initialised. Remember that instead of floats we
> might have a array of "fozzbobs" where a "fozzbob" is some class that
> consists of 10k lines. I think ChucK treats those as more or less the same
> here.
> I agree that it feels a bit "unfair" here but remember that a array of
> floats is more than just a series of primitives. You also get .cap(),
> .size(), you can append to it, etc. It's a real object.
>> And anyway, who needs examples when you have a list? Think of all the
>> people we would never meet (figuratively) in a world of perfect
>> documentation.
> Well, now you had to wait for a answer for me to get round to "morning
> coffee", that's one side. I think another is that not all users are on the
> list and that perhaps some are too shy/modest to email questions. I'm not
> sure why that is but I suspect it's so. For a third reason; this is just a
> simple trick to get around the issue, it's not very exciting. I'd rather
> stuff stuff like that in the examples dir so we could get round to exciting
> things like how, when and why we would actually do things like this.
> Yours,
> Kas.
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