[chuck-users] Kill Yr Tunings (Rational + Tonality classes)

Andrew C. Smith acsmith at willamette.edu
Tue Sep 15 13:46:21 EDT 2009

Hey, I've got a prototype here for a couple of classes to make
something similar to SC's Tuning / Scale classes.  I've attached the
two class files (Rational_io.ck and Tonality_io.ck, which extends
Rational) and one test file (iotest.ck). The key is that you have to
have the new CVS installed and running properly (FileIO and
Arrays--standard miniAudicle build won't work), and you have to drop
the files partch.rational and otonal1.tonality in the same directory
that you ChucK from.

Rational is a static class, so that it can be changed or shifted by an
external shred OTF if needed, but Tonality is not static. The idea
behind this is so that I could have different channels playing
different tonalities, so that there could be shifts in the tonality
structure within a particular tuning. I'm using Partch's for now, but
I'd like to develop my own 80-something ratio tuning to select from.
For now, otonal1.tonality contains a nice mixture of 7s and 5s and 3s
with one 11 in there. It has no relation to Partch's first Otonality,
because I wanted to keep it wrapping at the keyboard "octave." Also,
in case you're confused "Diaspon" is the Greek notation for the 2/1
interval, and seems to be more accurate than the loaded "octave,"
while still managing to convey the ratio in words.

I'm completely open to more suggestions. This has been a long-term
thought and a very short-term development period, so there's got to be
more stuff to implement. Particularly, I envision experimental
keyboards controlling ChucK over OSC in 8-channel surround sound with
electric guitars and a full chorus and brass band (Plork want in on
this?). Thanks again to the list members who have helped me in the
past couple days.

.zip is attached.

Andrew Smith
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